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Membrane Switch

Flexible keyboard and keypad that you can use on the front of the electronic devices and machines. Our designs are realized in the electronic structure in love on Corel Draw. You can provide us the Pantone Color reference or send a sample to us.

SMT-SMD Stencil

We are helping you out to make a faster production. We provide the assembly stencils for our costumers. SMT-SMD stencils can be provided with in 48 hours.

Printed Circuit Boards

Single Sided PCB – Double Sided PCB – Multi Layer PCB – Aluminum PCB – Rigid Flex PCB – OSP PCB – Lead Free PCB – PTH PCB

Design & Assembly

According to valuable costumers requests we are providing electronic printed circuit boards PCB – design and assembly. We are providing a professional service and try to supports costumers production line.

Our company was started in 1995 to serve our valuable customers. It has lead to the rapid development of the electrical and electronic sector has started to work to meet the demand for electronic printed circuit board. Asik Elektronik starting in by serving the domestic market in the electronics industry electronics, it is its ability to supply the double-sided plated through-hole electronic board continues to serve you.

Lead Time / Days
Layer Count
Delivery Time / Days

Asik Elektronik Stops The Minimum Order Quantity

Whether you want 1000s of Unit or 1 Piece

Get An Offer
Single Sided PCB 60%
Double Sided PCB 90%
MultiLayer PCB 70%
Aluminum PCB 45%
Rigid Flex PCB 25%

You considering the use of our valuable customers as a percentage distribution of the types of pcb which Asik Elektronik provide the service printed circuit board – PCB production.

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Facilitating Your Production Is Our Honour.

PCB Production